How to master Adobe Illustrator to create professional shoe designs

You have not heard from me for a while because I have been VERY busy creating an On-Line course that will be ready to go in a few weeks. I’ve done extensive research and  could not find anything that I would consider enough. As you will know if you are following me already I have done a few YouTubes on how to draw a Derby shoe. I have now created a course that will take you through the process at a good pace with templates and guidelines. The course is available at The Fashion Student’s Hub

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Save time on costly sampling by creating amazing rendered colour shoe sketches in Adobe Illustrator that you can use to promote and sell your new ideas and communicate effectively with manufacturers.

Women’s 3″ heel shoe template

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 This is a basic women’s heeled template. I have used this to draw a platform shoe but you can draw anything from a classic court to a funky platform using this as a base template.

Often shoe designers will work to a particular last that they have developed themselves. You may want to use this as a base and adapt it to your style. Perhaps by adding a rounded toe puff to use when drawing a clog silhouette.

Retro athletic shoe

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The style or silhouette  of athletic shoes has changed quite radically over the years. You will have seen how the athletic shoe has come from the chunky 80’s and 90’s silhouette to the sleeker style of today that pays homage to the retro silhouette found in athletic shoes of the 50’s.

The athletic shoe silhouette is based on functionality for a particular activity (sport) they are designed for and then by style. I did some research and came up with the silhouette for this shoe from the amazing Sneakerboy collection!

Men’s round toe shoe

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I have based some of my  basic last silhouette on shapes in the Fashionary Shoe Design book, it is a great resource for any shoe designer and I would highly recommend having this in your library!!


Men’s Round Toe Shoe

This is a basic Men’s shoe shape that you can do a number of shoes from.

“Each season may bring a slight modification to the lasts for the range. Establish these first before you go ahead and design the range.”