Baby and Toddler’s templates

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The following children’s fashion templates were developed over many years of working in industry as a designer, teaching in fashion schools and training in Industry as well as writing a book for Adobe Illustrator for the fashion Industry – Fashion Designers’s Handbook for Adobe Illustrator, Marianne Centner & Frances Vereker (2011). This book will also lead you through the basics of Adobe Illustrator. I would recommend having this in your library!!! Have a look at it now!!

The baby template is based on a 3-6 month baby. With babies wear I find it best to get some great basic shapes set up first and then use these as the basis for other styling. I have provided 3 common silhouettes for you. The Toddler would be approximately 3-4 years. I have put the outline of the tummy in the front view so you will be mindful of a child’s build when designing. Children have round tummies because there is not enough room for their vital organs to sit back under the ribcage. This makes anything that is tight over this area very uncomfortable for them. The side view demonstrates this well. Once again I have put some basic shapes in.

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